Amazon River Cruise

Experience one of the greatest voyages in natural history as you navigate more than 500 miles of the Amazon and its tributaries.

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 Amazon macaws  Sunset over the Amazon River  Poison Dart Frog  Cruising the Amazon  Squirrel monkeys  Explore the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve with an expert tour guide  Red Poison Dart Frog  Experience the mystical Amazon River   Kayak along the Amazon in order to discover its hidden gems  Giant otter  Blue Morpho Butterfly  Spectacular giant water lilies, which can grow up to six feet in diameter  A sloth in the Amazon  Scene on the Amazon River  Hoatzin  Amazon River house  Two local guides  Squirrel monkey in the rain forest  Amazon River lily pads  Typical village in the Amazon  Boat excursions accompanied by expert naturalists allow a close-up look at wildlife

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This trip was exactly what we were looking for - a good introduction to the nature, history and culture of the Amazon Basin in Peru. It served to whet our appetite for more explorations into the vibrant, colorful watery jungles of the Amazon. 

Barbara T.

We loved the naturalists, the crew, the local food, and are convinced the boat was the best on the Amazon. We learned so much about the natural environment, had new experiences (I caught my first fish - 3 piranhas!), swam in an amazon tributary and identified over 130 birds and participated in a shaman ceremony. Our fellow travelers were interesting and we enjoyed meeting the Ribeneros along the rivers. Truly an unforgettable experience!

Carol M.

The enthusiasm and knowledge of nature guides was second to none. They truly cared. 

Dave R.

One of our best trips ever! 

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Please Note: This itinerary serves as an example of a typical experience, and may vary based on wildlife sightings, water levels, and navigability. The order of events, tributary streams cruised, and villages visited is intentionally varied to reduce impact on any one area. Each departure is a unique and exceptional experience. The order of land-based activities may change based on air schedules.

This tour requires that participants be in good physical condition: you must be capable, without assistance, of walking at least one mile over uneven terrain, climbing stairs without handrails, and have sufficient stamina to keep pace with an active group of travelers on long days of touring. If you have any questions about your ability to participate in this tour, please call us at 1-855-330-1542.