Amazon River Cruise

Experience one of the greatest voyages in natural history as you navigate more than 500 miles of the Amazon and its tributaries.

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This trip was exactly what we were looking for - a good introduction to the nature, history and culture of the Amazon Basin in Peru. It served to whet our appetite for more explorations into the vibrant, colorful watery jungles of the Amazon. 

Barbara T.

We loved the naturalists, the crew, the local food, and are convinced the boat was the best on the Amazon. Truly an unforgettable experience!

Carol M.

The enthusiasm and knowledge of nature guides was second to none. They truly cared. 

Dave R.

One of our best trips ever! 

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La Estrella Amazonica

Journey into the Amazon wilderness aboard the new custom-built La Estrella Amazonica, a riverboat featuring gracious, 21st-century comfort. All airy cabins are air-conditioned with private balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows so you are constantly surrounded by rainforest vistas. Generous cabins are approximately 220 sq. ft. and are decorated with textiles and art from local communities. La Estrella Amazonica boasts the unrivaled public spaces, including the Amazon’s largest open-air observation deck, a modern lecture room and even a fitness room.