Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness

Kayak along scenic coastlines and observe iconic Alaskan wildlife as you sail amid fjords, glaciers, and islands.

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 A kayaker amid sculpted iceberg in Tracy Arm Fjord, Southeast Alaska. Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins  Sea Bird, Le Conte Bay, Tongass National Forest, Alaska. Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins  Sea Bird among icebergs in remote Endicott Arm. Credit: Michael Nolan & CT Ticknor  Guests observing a waterfall by expedition landing craft. Credit: Stewart Cohen  Guests on an expedition landing craft observing diving Humpback Whale in Alaska. Credit: Lindblad Expeditions  Killer whale, Chatham Strait, Southeast Alaska. Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins  Baranof Island, Tongass National Forest, Southeast Alaska. Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins  Humback Whale. Credit: John Bodner  Brown Bear sow with coy (cubs-of-year) fishing for pink salmon on Chichagof Island in Southeast Alaska. Credit: Michael S. Nolan  Expedition landing craft cruise among glaciers in Alaska. Credit: Sven-Olof Lindblad  A glacier calving ice. Credit: Sven-Olof Lindblad  Bald eagle


David Wimpfheimer

David Wimpfheimer

May 14 - 21, 2016; Aug 27 - Sep 3, 2016

David Wimpfheimer is a biologist, professional naturalist and guide with a passion for natural history of the West and a special interest in birds. During over thirty years of educational travel and scientific field work, he has imparted a great deal of information about all aspects of nature, from treks into the extreme and fragile beauty of Death Valley to whale-watching expeditions in Baja to wildflower forays in Yosemite and the Great Northwest. David takes great pleasure in showing participants nature's unpredictability, like an unexpected and unique bird behavior; or a hunting bobcat or meandering coyote, or labeling and describing  trees, lichen, fungi and even paw prints that may be in your path. David is passionate about our natural world and takes great pleasure in educating all about the wonders of nature.