Pamela Kachurin

Pamela Kachurin is an art historian specializing in Russian and Soviet art and architecture. Having first traveled to the Soviet Union before 1991, Dr. Kachurin has been able to witness the remarkable changes since then. She has traveled and worked in Uzbekistan, Belarus, and the major cities of Russia.

Dr. Kachurin has conducted wide-ranging research on Russian and Soviet artists at Russia’s museums, archival repositories, and libraries. She is the author of numerous articles, book reviews and encyclopedia essays on Russian and Soviet art. She is the curator of “Designing the Modern Utopia,” an exhibition of Soviet-era textiles at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, where she has given gallery tours for many years.

Dr. Kachurin currently teaches Russian art at Duke University, and has lectured widely at the Smithsonian, Harvard University, and UNC Chapel Hill.