Mauro Aprile Zanetti

Mauro Aprile Zanetti is the Chief Creative Officer at Eva Flair - Italian Style Makers, a fashion lean start-up platform fostering authentic "Made in Italy" creations. Mauro gets his background as an independent filmmaker, writer, and freelance journalist. He has collaborated with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Internationalization of Italy to direct and produce videos and editorial contents, and has also worked with various institutions and independent audiovisual productions. He has directed and produced several videos, docs and clips on music, welfare, social, and cultural themes. Actually, freelance collaborator at La Stampa (Italian daily newspaper published in Turin, distributed in Italy and other European nations), reporting from San Francisco and the Bay Area. Mauro is a long-time collaborator with čITALIA magazine, as correspondent from the US, on the Internationalization of Italy, as well as with the Italian-American newspaper, America Oggi-ICN Radio, NY. After publishing his interdisciplinary book, La Natura Morta de la Dolce Vita - A Mysterious Morandi in the Matrix of Fellini's Vision, 2008, he has been lecturing on multidisciplinary topics in North-American Universities, Institutes for Film & Italian Studies (NYC & SF), and in France, Italy, Israel, and Malta.

Most recently, on the occasion of the 2013 Year of the Italian Culture in the United States, Mauro created and directed a series of videos called Cultural Ambassadors Circle on behalf of the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco. Mauro received his bachelor's degree in foreign languages and literature from John Fitzgerald Kennedy School (Sicily) and his Master of Arts in art/film/video studies from the University of Pisa (Tuscany).
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