Lee Fleischer

Lee Fleischer is an experienced Expedition Leader with Lindblad Expeditions. He grew up in a boating family in New England and has always been in love with the sea and the outdoors. Lee is a Founding Board Member of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum in Santa Barbara, California, and has served as the museum’s Executive Director. His interest in natural history and the interaction between humankind and their environments have propelled his career of learning and sharing with others his experiences as a naturalist.

He is a certified member of the volunteer Naturalist Corps of the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary and National Park. In this role, he provides naturalist interpretation for passengers about marine mammals and other species aboard whale watch boats in the Sanctuary. Onshore the islands, he is a certified hike guide for all five of the northern Channel Islands and provides naturalist interpretation about these unique isolated ecosystems, their geologic development, the ancient Chumash civilization, the impacts of modern human occupations, and the island’s nearly 150 endemic species that occur nowhere else on the planet.

Reflecting on his cruising on the Inside Passage and Glacier Bay, Lee admits that he never ceases to be amazed by the expansive natural beauty of Southeast Alaska and believes that it should be on everyone’s "must experience" list. He is certified by the University of Alaska as an Alaska Naturalist.