Jim Reynolds

Jim Reynolds is Professor of Geology at Brevard College, teaching all Geology courses and a section of Introductory Environmental Science. He received his Bachelorís degree in Earth Science (1975) and Masterís degree in Volcanology (1977) from Dartmouth College and then worked in the minerals and energy industries, government, and academia for six years before returning to Dartmouth for a Ph.D. (Andean tectonics, 1987). Since 1984, his research has focused on the uplift of the Andes in Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia and the geology of the Caribbean Plate. Reynolds was awarded two Fulbright Scholarships to teach at Argentine universities (1989 and 2007). In 2006 he was inducted into the fellowship of the Geological Society of America. Jim has led international geological field trips since 1996. He made his first trip to Iceland in 1996 with a student group from the Netherlands. Since then, he has returned four times, leading student groups for the Geological Society of America and for Brevard College. Jim is an ardent environmentalist and a strong advocate for environmental issues. As a field-oriented scientist and educator, Jim is very enthusiastic to provide outdoor and hands-on learning experiences.
Multiple Departures, 2014 & 2015
11 days
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