Jessica Engler

Jessica Engler has worked on the Smithsonian Journeys marketing team since 2006, editing and reviewing all online tours, managing the monthly e-newsletter, and providing editorial support for the Journeys blog as well as printed publications. She graduated James Madison University with a degree in English and went on to work for Shakespeare’s Globe in London and the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts before joining the Smithsonian. Read her Q and A below.

How long have you been with SJ? Since January 2006

What’s the Best Part of Your Job? Researching and cataloging the photos of the many destinations that we visit. I learn lots of fun Jeopardy facts about remote cultures and places during the course of my photo research. And I always think to myself, “If only I could be there now…”

What’s the Least Favorite part of your job? Coming back from a Journey and having more than 300 emails waiting for me in my inbox.

Is there an item that you always travel with? A good book and my mp3 player…you never know just how long that wait in the airport is really going to take…

What is one of your favorite destinations? Istanbul—it is such a vibrant and alive city. The merging of East and West, the city’s modern people, and their ancient history is truly fascinating.

A favorite SJ journey? That is a tough choice. They have all been so amazing in their own way. The Galápagos Islands family journey was certainly one of my top journeys. The bizarre geologic formations and unique wildlife of the archipelago are unforgettable. And to experience the inquisitive sea lions, lethargic marine iguanas and tortoises, and lively birds through the eyes of children made it all the more special.

Finish this statement…I wish I were in … a sunny part of the world with a glass of red wine in hand and ready for a new adventure….