Donald Grady Shomette

Donald Grady Shomette received his Ph.D. in Humane Letters from the University of Baltimore in 1997. As a literary and award-winning historian, he has authored 15 books, with his most recent being Flotilla: The Patuxent Naval Campaign in the War of 1812, published in 2009 by Johns Hopkins University Press. He has been the recipient of numerous honors including the Calvert Prize, Maryland’s most prestigious award for historic preservation and he was twice the winner of the John Lyman Book Award for Best American Maritime History. As a well-known maritime archaeologist, he has plumbed the depths of history and prehistory in both the Western Hemisphere and Western Europe under the sponsorship of such institutions as the National Geographic Society and the National Park Service. He is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the history of the Chesapeake Bay region, and for his pioneering work in marine archaeology, he has been called the “Father of Marine Archaeology in Maryland.” He currently serves as Director of Cultural Resource Management, a Maryland-based consulting firm.