Bob Smolik

Bob Smolik is a veteran diplomat who has represented the United States at embassies throughout Europe and at international organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. He is now senior advisor for Europe at the UN. As political advisor to U.S. military commanders in Europe and Africa, he worked in conflict mediation and, as an economic diplomat, he has helped to open foreign markets to U.S. investors and traders on a fair and equal basis. He served as ambassador of American society and culture, and helped Washington leaders understand the politics and economics of other nations. As an international lecturer on anti-corruption and good governance, he has worked in more than 30 countries throughout Latin America, Africa, and Europe. He engages audiences with passion and expertise, offering a look “behind the scenes” at how foreign cultures view the world. He holds graduate degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, an undergraduate degree from Cornell, and he is fluent in five Romance languages.