Alexander Watson

Dr. Alexander Watson is an ecologist who has a special interest in birds and mammals. He has worked in many regions (including northern and Central Australia, Western Canada, Antarctica and Wallaceae) as a scientist and guide. Most recently he worked for the non-government organization World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) where he worked with the regionís Traditional Owners to assess threats to species including Gouldian Finch and Black-flanked Rock Wallaby in the North Kimberley. Prior to working as a consultant, Alexander has lectured at university in conservation biology and ecology, been the National Program Manager for the educational organisation Leave No Trace and worked for The Wilderness Society on the Great Western Woodland project where he brought together key stakeholders to develop a regional plan for managing this extraordinary landscape. He has published scientific papers on topics including an assessment of the National Reserve System in Australia, the need for a new approach for managing large, intact landscapes including the Great Western Woodlands and the Kimberley, the effects of habitat fragmentation on woodland birds, the effects of logging disturbance on forests and the impacts of oil spills on biodiversity. Alexander is a passionate conservation scientist who wishes to utilize his ecology background to ensure that natural biodiversity is maintained and, where possible, used to empower Indigenous peoples.
Aug 8 - 24, 2014
17 days
Explore the rugged landscapes of northwestern Australia and the traditional cultures of the Spice Islands aboard the National Geographic Orion
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