Minhazz Majumdar

Minhazz Majumdar

Minhazz Majumdar is a writer and curator of Indian art, and co-founder of the Earth & Grass Workshop, an organization promoting arts and crafts as livelihood. Minhazz has served as a development consultant for the government of India and for many Indian NGOs and has extensive experience leading groups through India.


We all fell in love with Minhazz [Majumdar]. She is an exceptional woman. We could not have had a better study leader. It was a wonderful education as well as a fascinating trip. 

Olivia C.

Minhazz [Majumdar] was wonderful. She added so much to our trip. Her passion for India is contagious. We would love to visit with her again. 

Susanne O.

Minhazz filled our heads to bursting with her encyclopedic knowledge of all things Indian and her passion and love for her country become mine too. A better teacher you could not ask for.

Frances Denise Sansing, Mystical India

The knowledge and interpretation Minhazz shared was the best we have ever encountered. In addition, her warmth and enthusiasm made the trip fun. 

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