Anne-Marie Harrison

Anne-Marie Harrison

Anne-Marie Harrison was born and brought up in Paris but has subsequently lived in many different countries. Originally a linguist, she adapted to the many changes brought by the various relocations due to her British husband's job. She spent 16 years in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia) during which time she became involved with the local culture and languages, which enabled her to experience many different fields of activity: she worked in museums, ran a charity in the slum area of Bangkok, coordinated the teaching of English to Vietnamese refugees in Singapore and created a guiding programme in the Philippines. Her work in museums led to lecturing and a Master's in anthropology (EHESS, Sorbonne) on her return to France in 1995. She has been lecturing on ships since 1993 and is a regular speaker to cultural organizations throughout France. Now back in her own country, she has been elected deputy Mayor of her village in the Dordogne.


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