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This Week’s Book – The Emerald Isle

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Our latest book recommendation is courtesy of our travel book partner, Longitude books, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Christopher Winn - I never knew that about IrelandHibernophiles rejoice! The English quiz master, historian and polymath, Christopher Winn celebrated leprechauns, blarney, writer’s ghosts, castles and keeps across Ireland from Galaway to Kildare, Wexford and Limerick in these entertaining, informative books. He came up with the idea for the I Never Knew That… series as a tour guide all over the British Isles.

We like Winn’s original, I Never Knew That About Ireland, and its just released companion volume, I Never Knew That About The Irish, each an irresistible miscellany of Ireland old and new, legends and history, rogues and romantics. The handsome, hardbound books (300 pages each) are beautifully illustrated in black-and-white by his talented wife Mai Osawa. We think they say Happy St. Patrick’s Day (the beloved Irish saint gets not one, two or three but four entries in index).

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve celebrated St. Patrick’s Day? Please share.

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Exploring the British and Irish Isles

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The stunning Cliffs of Moher are the most visited site on Ireland’s rugged west coast, drawing more than one million visitors each year. More than 20 species of birds make the Cliffs their home, including Atlantic puffins, gulls, hawks, and ravens. One of the best ways to see the cliffs is from above, like in this video from the Smithsonian Channel.

If you’ve never visited this part of the world, you’ll want to go in the Spring. Click for more information.

England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland are full of fascinating ancient sites. Which is your favorite? Please share.

Video: The Beauty of Ireland

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

The Aran Islands, highlighted here in Skyview: The Emerald Isle from the Smithsonian Channel, are a group of three islands off the western coast of Ireland. Known for their traditional Irish culture, geography, and isolation, the islands have created a society unique to the rest of Ireland.

First, their isolation from the mainland forces them to be heavily dependent on subsistence farming and fishing. They do not receive print or electronic media as the rest of Ireland does, and instead rely on oral tradition to receive their news. They also entertain themselves through storytelling and song since there is not a constant influx of culture from the rest of Western Europe. Finally, the weather patterns in this region are known for being rough in the Galway Bay area and communities have adapted to these conditions while creating their own well known Aran Island sweaters. The result is a people with a strong ethnic identity and a love for tradition.

Would you prefer living on one of the Aran Islands or in Dublin? Share below.

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