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Travel Book: Rome – by Robert Hughes

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Rome - Robert Hughes cover imageWith his book Rome:  A Cultural, Visual, and Personal History, art critic Robert Hughes shares a wide-ranging, inclusive, and deeply personal history of Rome— its life as city, heart of an empire, and, as the site of the beginnings of what we now call Western art and civilization.

Hughes begins by taking us to the Rome he first met at the tender age of twenty-one, fresh from Australia in 1959. From there, he journeys back more than two thousand years to the city’s foundation, steeped in mythology and superstition that sewed the seeds of Rome’s development.

Traveling through the centuries, Hughes investigates the modern era, from Mussolini to La Dolce Vita, to today’s age of technology and tourism.

Spend the weekend with Hughes in Rome, or journey there yourself on our tours to Italy.

Book: A Traveller’s History of England

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

A Traveller's History of England - Cover ImageIf you’re planning some travel to Great Britain, a great companion for your trip is Christopher Daniell’s A Traveller’s History of England. Historian and archeologist Daniell delivers a comprehensive history of the region since the time of the hunter-gatherers in this compact volume. The book takes you through the Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, and Medieval monarchs to the Reformation, Renaissance, the world wars, and the modern state of things. Handy reference tools include a list of rulers, prime ministers, major battles, and important buildings. Take this on your plane ride “across the pond” and you’ll be even more prepared to enjoy England.

England is a wonderful place to go for the winter holidays—enjoy perennially popular Study Leader Rosalind Hutchinson on a uniquely British celebration on our Christmas in Canterbury tour. If you can’t travel this December, we have other tours to England here.

Book of the Week- The Evolution of Jane

Friday, July 15th, 2011

The Evolution of Jane, Cathleen SchineOur book partner, Longitude books is always searching for new books to inspire and inform your travels.

This week, they’ve recommended you escape to The Evolution of Jane by Cathleen Schine. A novel, the book is about a recently divorced 25-year-old woman who takes the search for her own origins all the way to the Galápagos Islands. Part travelogue, part comedy, part commentary, it’s a book worth curling up with this summer.

If you’re ready to write your own ticket to the Galápagos, click here for more on our trips there.

Book of the Week – The Way of the Panda

Friday, July 8th, 2011

The Way of the Panda - cover imageOur book partner, Longitude books is always searching for new books to inspire and inform your travels.

This week, they’ve recommended you curl up with The Way of The Panda by Henry Nicholls.

People have been fascinated by giant pandas since they were formally discovered 140 years ago. Author Henry Nicholls provides an absorbing narrative history of the panda, part of his larger story of the animal conservation movement, China’s ascendancy, and what recent scientific work is finally showing us about this most mysterious of creatures.

If you’re ready for your own exploration of China, click here to learn more about discovering China with Smithsonian Journeys.

Book of the Week – Paris to the Past

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Paris to the PastOur book partner, Longitude books is always searching for new books to inspire and inform your travels.

This week, they’ve recommended you try Paris to the Past – Traveling Through French History by Train, by Ina Caro.

You’re invited to join Ina Caro on 25 one-day trips by train from Paris to experience 700 years of French history. Whether taking us to Orleans to evoke the miraculous visions of Joan of Arc, to Versailles to experience the flamboyant achievements of Louis XIV, or to the Place de la Concorde to witness the beheading of Marie Antoinette, Caro animates history with her lush descriptions of architectural splendors and tales of court intrigue. Organizing her destinations chronologically from 12th-century Saint-Denis to the 19th-century Restoration at Chantilly, Caro’ s easy wit engages readers of all levels.

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