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Getting out of an Arrest, Opera Style

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Carmen, one of the most famous “bad girls” of opera, loves who she wants, smokes ‘em if she’s got ‘em, and has a penchant for knife fights. As you’d imagine, her run-ins with the law are far from infrequent. Of course, her charms are legion, so it’s not too hard for Carmen (Rinat Shaham) to convince Corporal Don José (Neil Shicoff) that she really doesn’t need to spend another night in prison after all. For translation of the aria Près des remparts de Séville (outside the walls of Seville), click here.

Well, that’s one way to negotiate…if you’d like to see more of Carmen, join us this December for Shining Stars at the Met, where you’ll see their sultry new production with acclaimed mezzo-soprano Elîna Garança. With our orchestra prime seats, you might even get a whiff of Carmen’s perfume…and her cigarette smoke, of course!

Who’s your favorite “bad girl” from opera, theater, literature, or film? Please share!

The Magic of La Bohème

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Puccni’s opera La Bohème first debuted in 1896 and has become one of the most frequently performed operas worldwide. Set in Paris in 1830, the opera follows the lives of four starving artists, the poet Rodolfo, painter Marcello, musician Schaunard, and philosopher Colline. Mimì, a seamstress who lives in a garret above the artists’ apartment, meets Roldolfo by chance when looking for someone to light her candle, which has gone out. They quickly fall in love, but as often happens in opera, Rodolfo becomes jealous for no reason, breaks Mimì’s heart, and then realizes his folly. But it’s too late—Mimi has become ill with consumption and dies at the conclusion of the drama.

Here, watch Dame Kiri Te Kanawa sing the tender aria Sì, mi chiamano Mimì–”Yes, they call me Mimì,” as she introduces herself to her new neighbor, Rodolfo, during Act I of La Bohème.

Fallen in love with Mimi yet? We have, so we’ve set a date with her this December during our Shining Stars at the Met experience. The best part? You can come too! Click here for more.

What’s your favorite opera? Please share.