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Breathtaking Photos of Northern Lights From Norway

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Over the last few days, a powerful solar storm roared past the Earth treating travelers in the northernmost latitudes to a dazzling, supercharged display of auroras. The unusually bright colors resulted from a massive solar flare that erupted from the sun last Sunday, sending a wave of charged particles rippling across the sky. The recent show is likely just a taste of what’s to come, as scientists predict elevated solar activity to continue for the next couple of years.

Here are stunning images captured this week in Valvika, Nordland Fylke and Langfjordbotn, Finnmark Fylke, Norway:

Aurora Borealis - NorwayPhoto courtesy of Flickr user trondk.

Aurora Borealis - Norway
Photo courtesy of Flickr user The-Dan.

Aurora Borealis - Norway
Photo courtesy of Flickr user The-Dan.

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For more information on the recent aurora borealis (and more stunning photos), visit “This Week’s Breathtaking Aurora Borealis” on

Mad About Munch: Norway’s Iconic Art

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Arne Lunde is an Assistant Professor of Scandinavian Studies at UCLA.  Below, he shares his thoughts about last year’s Smithsonian trip to Norway. To read more about Arne, click here.

To be able to see the many works of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch up close and in the country where most of his paintings remain to this day was an incredibly rewarding experience for me. I’ve long admired Munch’s artistic expressions. In Scandinavia he is considered one of the greatest visual artists, and his international stature has only grown with time. He’s also a far more diverse and complex artist than being merely the creator of The Scream, his immortal distillation of angst. Munch’s lifelong Frieze of Life project reveals an intense psychological vision into the emotional lives of himself and of human beings universally. And the beauty and dynamism of his colors and composition rival that of his contemporaries Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. (more…)