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The Santa Fe Indian Market©

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Pueblo at Dusk by Dan Namingha, 1987 Courtesy of the National Museum of the American Indian

For the past 88 years, the Santa Fe Indian Market© in New Mexico has been a hotspot for the cultural arts – both traditional and cutting edge. Every August, over 1000 artists arrive in the city to sell their jewelry, pottery, paintings, basketry, and beadwork. Surrounding this annual event held since 1922, are gallery openings, art shows, and opportunities to mingle and network with artists, cultural historians, and connoisseurs of Native arts.

A combined effort between Native artists and museum curators, the gathering was seen as an opportunity to bring two cultures together. Non-Natives would learn about indigenous cultures while appreciating Native arts as valuable high art rather than as trinkets and souvenirs. Francis La Flesche, a well respected ethnologist and Omaha Indian, addressed the need for systematic production, steady markets, and the maintenance of adequate prices for the art movement to continue.

Decades later, the Santa Fe Indian Market© has succeeded in combining respect for beautiful, well-made Native artwork while appreciating the economic benefits to Native communities who participate. The result is a world class market that attracts approximately 80,000 people each year, and a valuable $100 million in tourism revenues to the state.

Plus, the jewelry is simply gorgeous.

Explore the world of Native Arts on our The Santa Fe Indian Market© tour this summer.

What would you buy at the Santa Fe Indian Market©?

Spoleto Festival USA

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

New York City, London, and Rome are all known for their cultural arts. You can see a ballet performance, stage show, or opera easily in any of these cities. But sometimes you don’t have to go that far to see a festival with world-class performances. The Spoleto Festival USA takes place in one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the United States—Charleston, South Carolina.

The festival was founded in 1977 by Pulitzer Prize-winning Italian-American composer Gian Carlo Menotti, Christopher Keene, and others who sought to create an American counterpart to the annual Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy. Since its inception, the festival has presented more than 200 world and American premieres.

So why did they choose the southern city of Charleston for such an event?

Simply put, the city is full of amazing architecture—including theaters, churches, and other spaces that prove ideal for these kinds of live performances. At the same time, the Charleston offers an intimate and charming feel to the festival while still being cosmopolitan enough to attract supportive audiences from around the globe. The result is a successful world class festival celebrating decades of breathtaking performances.

If you’ve never been to Charleston, here’s a taste of “The Holy City.”

What’s your favorite thing about Charleston, South Carolina? Share below.

Learn about the Spoleto Festival’s 2010 performances, while enjoying the southern scenery.

Giselle at Spoleto

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

A scene from Giselle, to be performed by the National Ballet of Georgia at this summer’s Spoleto Festival

The ballet Giselle is set in the mysterious Rhineland of the Middle Ages. The work is famous for its atmosphere, choreography, and a scene in which the peasant girl Giselle plays “he loves me – he loves me not” with an unlucky daisy. Unfortunately, the daisy is not an effective predictor of male fidelity, and it turns out that Giselle’s new love is just a Duke on holiday. Giselle is driven mad with grief and dies of a broken heart. Then, her spirit returns from the grave to protect the Duke from evil spirits that have been lurking, ready to punish him for his lies.

This summer, see one of the world’s most famous ballets at the Spoleto Festival USA in Charleston, SC. The lead role, one of the most difficult in ballet repertoire, will be danced by Nina Ananiashvili, supported by her colleagues from Tibilsi’s National Ballet of Georgia.

What do you love about the ballet?

Video: Reasons to Attend the Toronto International Film Festival

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Why go the Toronto International Film Festival? We’ll give you three reasons:

1) Stars like Matt Damon and Scott Bakula
2) The best movies from all over the world
3) Book with us and get an Industry Pass, whisking you way past the velvet rope without the long lines.

Check out this interview with Damon and Bakula, stars of The Informant, from the 2009 Festival.

Photo: See the Stars Shine on Broadway

Friday, May 29th, 2009
The bright lights and bustle of Times Square. Photo: David Taylor
The bright lights and bustle of Times Square. Photo: David Taylor

With the Tony Awards fast approaching on June 7 at the Radio City Music Hall, we decided to take the opportunity to offer a glimpse of “Backstage on Broadway.” On our Backstage on Broadway journey in New York City this November, we take you behind the scenes of the “Great White Way” to meet theater professionals and see three hit Broadway plays. Enjoy tickets to two of the hottest acts right nowBilly Elliot, nominated for 15 Tony Awards including Best Musical, and Next to Normal, nominated for 11 Tony Awards including Best Musical.

Click here to read an interview with the Study Leader Joe Rosenberg, a theater historian.

Click here to learn more about our 2009 journey Backstage on Broadway.