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It's All About the Acoustics: The Aspen Musical Festival

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

There are people who watch a street performer and love to see the music transform before their eyes. Then there are music lovers who realize that any performance could be even better given the right acoustics in a  perfectly designed, architecturally developed performance space. This brings us to the Aspen Music Festival, where the music is as beautiful as the scenery.

While students use this campus as their backyard while developing into professional musicians, every summer the festival brings phenomenal performers to a mountainous setting where music comes alive. Luckily, there are architects who realize the value of creating the right kind of music hall for the perfect performance. And the audience benefits from everyone else’s hard work.

Where is your favorite place to listen to music?

Experience live orchestras in the beautiful outdoor setting of the Aspen Music Festival this August!

Video: A Night at the Opera: Aida

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Musicals are known for being cute, perky, and usually have jazz hands at some point in the performance. Then, there is opera, which has a completely different kind of fanatical fan base. Known for intense passion for the art, opera’s loyal followers are drawn to the huge stage sets, elaborate costumes,  and the drama of the performances on and off stage. It has been known that when certain performers call out sick, European fans have continued the time-honored tradition of booing for as long as two minutes. Imagine being the understudy performing that night after such a public display of disgust. Americans tend to be more polite, and tend to believe in a more conservative  interpretation of their opera. Either way, opera fans love the passion, love, death, suicide, and drama that these performances provide. Here is a video of the Triumphal March from Verdi’s Aida, which you can see on our Opera Lover’s Italy tour.

Afterwards, you might be inspired to go to Egypt next.

Are you a musical or an opera fan?

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From Mariachi to Merengue: This Year's Folklife Festival

Friday, June 26th, 2009

This year’s Smithsonian Folklife Festival brings three diverse cultural experiences to the National Mall: The music of Latino Culture, African American oral traditions, and the cultural heritage of the country of Wales.

This year, we’re proud to welcome back Mariachi los Camperos de Nati Cano, who have graced our stage in the past. Nati Cano, who leads the group, has been preserving traditional Mariachi music for more than forty years. Click below to enjoy one of their performances.

Need more Folklife? Click here for this year’s festival web site, which includes a schedule, biographies of participants, and useful information for visitors, as well as artist interviews, webcasts, video, and radio content.

Click here for more information on travel to Mexico with Smithsonian Journeys.

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