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Sailing Glacier Bay, Alaska

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Lee Fleischer of Lindblad Expeditions is a naturalist and expedition leader for our Alaskan adventure cruises. As a founding board member of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum and an experienced sailboat racer, he never ceases to be amazed by the sea and believes that the beauty of southeast Alaska is a must-see for every traveler. Below he reflects on a past journey to Glacier Bay in Alaska. Click here for more on Lee.

Superlatives normally abound whenever Glacier Bay is visited. Our expedition was greeted by Mother Nature’s finest display of shades of gray with a thin overcast of cloud cover. Even after four days of crystal blue skies and sunshine in the Alexander Archipelago came to an end, the beauty of this place remains nearly beyond description.

Alaska's Glacier Bay

Alaska's Glacier Bay

Mountain peaks vanishing into the clouds and snow capped Fairweather Range summits in the distance beckoned us onward toward the Margerie and Grand Pacific glaciers at the northernmost end of Tarr Inlet, Glacier Bay’s western arm. Glacier Bay National Park Ranger David Sholar was our guide for the day. David brought the experience of over a thousand trips up the Glacier Bay to share with our guests, and his interpretation was invaluable. He was particularly helpful explaining the dynamics of change in this seemingly “frozen” ecosystem. (more…)