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Great Travel Book and Gift: The Times Comprehensive Atlas

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Times Comprehensive AtlasEach double-page spread of the latest edition of the Times Comprehensive Atlas is a gorgeous 16″ x 22″. The vibrant graphics are accompanied by excellent physical and political detail, detailed coverage of polar areas, and an expanded index of 200,000 place names and geographic features. Complete with a slipcase, this revised and updated 13th edition also includes a bonus 1922 archival world map.

New features to this new 13th edition include 30 city plans from major cities around the world; flags for every country; the new independent country of Kosovo; and major new place name updates in China, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Afghanistan, and Iran. The detailed thematic information contains contributions from top experts. New topics discussed include migration, the global impact of recession, migration, and polar regions.

Use the Times Comprehensive Atlas to plan your next journey, or give it as a holiday gift to the travelers in your life. Click to see our current sales and specials on worldwide tours.

Around the World by Private Jet – Your Life List in 21 Days

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Moai with concrete eyes. Photo: Richard Kurin


What’s on your life list? A safari in the Serengeti? The Sphinx in Egypt? Easter Island? The Great Barrier Reef? What if you could explore all of this (and much, much more) in three weeks? Now you can make it happen, and make it happen in style on our one-of-a-kind journey, Around the World by Private Jet.

What really happens on this kind of journey? Is there really time to learn anything? Is there time to meet any of the local people, to really connect? There sure is.

In 2009, Richard Kurin, Smithsonian’s Under Secretary for History, Art, and Culture, led our journey and wrote seventeen blog posts about it. Click here to to read them.

In 2011, we’re offering Around the World by Private Jet on Oct 28 – Nov 18, or Nov 1 – 22.

Where would you like to go most in the world? What’s on your lifelist? Please share.