Video: Il Palio de Siena

April 3rd, 2009 by Smithsonian Journeys

Since the 17th century the ancient city of Siena, Italy has celebrated its patron saints with unique verve. The Palio de Sienais a one-of-a-kind bareback horse race held twice each summer in Siena’s main Plaza del Campo. Ten riders, each representing a city ward, take part in the race.

As famous as the race itself is the Corteo Storico, the fantastic pageant that precedes the race. The Sienese come out in their best medieval costumes, banners flying, drums playing, and cannons at the ready. Watch below for a taste of the Palio.

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  1. fred Says:

    I have a nice mash up regarding Siena.Check it out

    Did you go on the top of the tower?Best view ever!

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