The Smithsonian Journeys Difference

                      Smithsonian travelers in Fiordland National Park on New Zealand's South Island. Credit Ed Kanze 

                      Smithsonian travelers at the State Library of New South Wales, Australia. Credit Ed Kanze 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Death Valley, CA.  

                      Smithsonian travelers in Death Valley, CA.  

                      Smithsonian travelers in Bangkok. Credit: Dawn Rooney 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Bali. Credit: Dawn Rooney 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Bali. Credit: Dawn Rooney 



                      Smithsonian travelers in the Caribbean. Credit: Lindsay Senior 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Antarctica. Credit: Jim Zimbelman 

                      Smithsonian travelers on a hike 

                      Smithsonian group at Potala Palace, Tibet 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Death Valley 

                      Travelers on a zodiac in the Galápagos Islands 

                      Smithsonian traveler on the Around the World by private jet tour. Credit: Dr. Richard Kurin 

                      Travelers enjoy a festive Italian meal 

                      Smithsonian travelers at the National Museum of Natural History 

                      Smithsonian traveler in Agra, India 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Peru 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Morocco 

                      Smithsonian travelers on Easter Island 

                      Smithsonian travelers on the Around the World private jet tour. Credit: Patrick Wagner 

                      Smithsonian guests enjoy a lecture by Smithsonian Expert at  Celebrate Smithsonian farewell dinner. Credit: Eric Firnhaber 

                      Smithsonian travelers enjoying lunch 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Ephesus, Turkey

Inspiring generations through learning and discovery, the Smithsonian museums have exhilarated visitors with unique and authentic experiences for more than 160 years. This same sense of awe and wonder can be yours, anywhere you travel in the world with Smithsonian Journeys. So let Smithsonian be your compass and help get you started on your exploration.

Preserving our National Treasures

Like the Institution, our tours enrich our guests’ lives and satisfy their curiosity about the world around them. Your participation benefits the work of the Smithsonian’s nineteen museums, national zoo, and nine research centers, helping to preserve national treasures and shape the future through science, research, and exhibitions. 

Bringing Your Destination to Life

When you travel with Smithsonian, you will explore the world with experts who are masters at bringing your destination to life. These inspiring scholars are compelling storytellers and charming travel companions, who will enrich your travel experience in a unique and personal way.

Behind-the-Scenes Access

From people to places, our Smithsonian connections provide you with behind-the-scenes access to iconic sites, knowledgeable guides, local experts, and exclusive events all over the world, adding even more meaning and authenticity to your travel experience.

Travel with New Friends

On any given trip, you will be sure to forge lasting friendships with like-minded travelers who share your passion for exploration. Our small groups deliver an intimate journey and you’ll never feel herded or rushed.

We Know Where to Take You

From unique lodgings in far-flung regions and charming hotels in well-traveled places to the ideal cruise ship or train experience, you’ll always travel in comfort and style, and enjoy authentic cuisine that reflects the local culture.

We've Got Everything Covered

When you travel with Smithsonian, there is no need for exhaustive planning or worrying about travel logistics. Our first-rate staff meticulously manages every aspect of each trip to ensure the highest quality and provide you with comfortable, stress-free travel.

Discover Real Value

Once you add up the extras we include as a matter of course—experts, meals, transfers, excursions, little luxuries, and even airfare inclusive pricing on many tours—you’ll know you’re getting more than you pay for. That’s what we call real value!