45 Years in Travel


Smithsonian Journeys is excited to mark our 45th anniversary in 2015! It is truly an honor to reach this milestone, and we dedicate our ability to do so to the thousands of loyal travelers who have chosen to explore the world with us over the years. Like us, our travelers are inspired by the mission of the Smithsonian Institution – “the increase and diffusion of knowledge,” and together we have created memories that will last a lifetime.

Over the course of 45 years, our tour collection has expanded to include exciting new travel opportunities to more than 200 destinations on all seven continents.  From being the first cultural travel program to give guests access to China, to new 2015 programs in Sri Lanka and Indonesia, Smithsonian Journeys always looks for ways to enhance our travelers' experiences. We offer international small group land journeys, some including airfare; international small-ship cruising, both on the river and ocean; domestic programs, including land and cruise; and one-of-a-kind specialty programs, internationally and domestically. We’ve introduced intergenerational family travel, expertly curated trips for grandparents, parents, and children of all ages. And for travelers in search of the ultimate getaway, we’ve added private jet travel, with adventures such as Around the World by Private Jet.

Now, as another year approaches, our passion for providing our guests with authentic experiences and outstanding service remains the same. We're inspired by our travelers’ dedication to lifelong learning and eagerly anticipate what the next 45 years will bring.

Thank you for being part of our journey!